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New site location....PLEASE READ

Posted by Star (Main Admin) at Nov 13 2017, 01:16:07 PM. 0 comments

As for the moment the board isnt looking very pretty. This is because InvisionFree was bought by someone else a few months ago and they needed us to convert. After talking to Terel, we agreed that ZetaBoards offered us the best for what we need.

So please note the new URL for the board. Only thing that has changed really is from InvisionFree to Zetaboards. We will be working over the next week or so to update the skin and get back to looking a bit more like the SCW you know, but everything else will be the same. Same person in charge of SCW, same deadlines, same rp rules, etc.

So here's looking forward to the slight change. Hope you like the look when its all said and done


Posted by SCW Admin (Admins) at Oct 22 2017, 07:52:50 PM. 0 comments

Hey, y'all.

I'm moving. In like, 3 days. Maybe 4. I'll be rooming with my brother for a few weeks to ride out his lease, and then we'll be getting a place together. I've spent the last week or so getting ready for this, and as most of us know, moving is a pain in the ass.

I've moved the show deadline to 10/31/17. Show will likely be up around 11/7/17.

I hadn't changed this stuff sooner, because originally, the plan was for me to be moved out in September, and in the new place. That didn't work out, so here we are. I hope everyone takes advantage of the new deadline.

finally feeling great

Posted by zxcvbnm (Veterans) at Sep 26 2017, 04:40:51 PM. 0 comments

iiiiimmmmm back you bitches, just kiddin. yes I am back after a month at least of feeling like shit and now that I am back feeling 1000000%, I am back now to kick some scw ass. so if ya need a fill in im ya brudda.


Posted by SCW Admin (Admins) at Sep 21 2017, 11:33:57 PM. 0 comments

So, I keep using the word experiment when I say I'm making some changes to how things are done. Essentially, this whole thing is an experiment. We've gotta figure out what works for us. If the formula is good, we keep rocking. If it needs work, we change it up.

We're changing it up again.

Anti Sniping Measures

In the interest to avoid sniping, I will be reinstating an old rule from the previous era of SCW; the dual deadline. The purpose of this, was to prevent people from posting on deadline day, specifically there first/only promo, and posting it in such a time that their opponents do not have ample time to read/respond.

So, I have decided that moving forward, this will be reinstated. I've been asked to take anti-sniping measures, and this is hopefully the only step that will be needed. If you miss the first deadline, and have not already informed me that you will, but you manage to post something by the final deadline, understand that this will NOT be an automatic loss, but it will be VERY frowned upon.

Also, any champions found to be breaking the dual deadline rule will defend their championship at the following show against the next contender, unless time off has previously been approved for said show.

Promo Style

I get it. Not everyone has time or wants to write multiple promos. Hey, some of us don't even need to. In the beginning, SCW would post the card, and promos were posted as replies to that thread. It got rather messy and annoying for judges, and opponents when looking for their opponents. It also made it very easy to miss a promo by someone.

So, we changed it up. The card was posted in a locked thread, and then each match was given its own thread in the promo area, and the opponents would respond to that. The response was awesome. If you were only judging one match, you only had to go to that threat. If you didn't care to see what everyone else was talking about, and just wanted to see what your opponent said, this was easier to do.

Well, I was in an awesome fed for a bit, and decided to adapt SCW with one the nice things I saw them doing. People in SCW can now post their OWN thread, name it, etc. This, I hoped, would move us away from a "reply culture," wherein people would just post reply promos to their opponent.

Many of you should have noticed also that most matches have a limit of 2 promos. The plan here, was that your first promo is all about you and the match. Second, if needed, would be to talk directly to your opponent, so less about boasting, and more about cutting through your opponent. Now, understand that I am not going to force anyone to promo this way. Just let it be know that this is why I set the limit at two for non-title matches.

So, that said, if your first promo is merely a response to your opponent...that makes you look bad, in my eyes. No, I'm not going to disqualify you for it. Not unless it is post after the first deadline. So, read that again. If your first promo for your match, is a direct response to your opponent, and it is posted AFTER the first deadline, you run the risk of it being DQ'd.

I also don't want anyone to feel like I want them to write anything a certain way in their promo. Write what works for you. It's more fun that way.

Questions and comments are welcome and should be directed to my inbox.

Re: Drew Stevenson

Posted by SCW Admin (Admins) at Jul 26 2017, 06:36:50 PM. 0 comments

Re: Drew Stevenson

So, if youíre on twitter, for fedding purposes, youíve likely heard of this. About a week ago, it came to light that the handler for Stevenson may be the same handler for Charles Gacy. This is of significance because Gacy posted a promo where sections of the CD involved graphic depictions of child abuse, of a sexual nature.


Iíve seen two excerpts of such writing, and what I gather from it is that the Gacy character was the victim, not the abuser, and these were flash back scenes. Further, if my recollection is correct, this was in a fed called Carny Pro, but I could be wrong. It is also my recollection that this fed has since been closed down.

Back in February/March, when I relaunched this fed, SCW, I asked Drew Stevenson to come on board, and he agreed. He took place in a couple of matches, remained undefeated before challenging for the inaugural SCW World Heavyweight Championship, which would be won by Paige Lewis. During the promo period, there was an ongoing twitter fight, that again, if I recall correctly, involved DARC Pro fed head, Miles Blake. In the midst of the drama, Stevenson decided to give up writing, and advised me of such.

So, as of May 1st, Drew Stevenson was no longer a member of the SCW roster. A few weeks ago, while planning a card, I invited him back, as I saw heíd taken up the hobby again, for a one off match. He was also given the option to rejoin SCW, should he desire to do so. He agreed to the match, I booked it, and then went on my miserable vacation.

This past weekend, all of this with the Gacy character began.

Let me first say that I do not like witch hunts. Yes, this was a witch hunt. At my last count, a dozen or better feds have banned Stevenson, while the offending RP was only written in one fed. Basically, the collective group of feds on twitter that he was associated with all joined in on this.

Drew Stevensonís future in MY fed was not going to be decided by twitter. He did not write the offending work in my fed, so why should I punish him? But, in the interest of gauging my community, I posted a question online, on my wall and in a group. I also asked a few people here at work. Literally, with no exaggeration, everyone I asked said they wouldnít kick him. Except one person. Most of these people were also shown screenshots of this content, and stood by their statement of no kick.

And I asked a variety of people. A high school friend with young children of her own, a friend who is a survivor of child abuse, another writing buddy with several children of all ages in the home, and even a friend with VERY young grandchildren; like, under 6 years old. ALL of these people said no kick.

I went to my community because I want them to be in a comfortable community, on my board. And based on their responses, I unofficially decided that I was not going to ban Drew Stevenson from my fed.

This incident has caused a great deal of stress in the community, which I understand. Hell, it caused me to leave a group or two, because I did not like their handling of it. Iím not going to tell someone how to run their fed, so I said my goodbyes. I wonít name the fed, because itís a great fed, and a great community, and I donít want to bring negative attention to them. At the same time, I will also not have people telling me how to run my fed.

So, my official statement is this. Drew Stevenson had returned to SCW for a One Match Contract. That obligation has been fulfilled. As of now, Drew Stevenson is once again NOT a member of the SCW roster. Should he wish to return to SCW, there will be a very serious conversation between him and myself about what kind of content will NOT be tolerated on MY board.

But I will not be banning him for what he did elsewhere.

That is all.

UPDATE! - Next Card/Vacation

Posted by SCW Admin (Admins) at Jun 27 2017, 09:41:51 PM. 0 comments


We're not forgetting about it. I'm finalizing some details and confirming some bookings and availability.

I'm going on vacation from July 7th to July 12th. I'm taking my laptop with me, but I do not intend to spend the whole trip writing. Therefore, the schedule is being moved around a bit. Basically, I was to do as little work before leaving and and as I get back as possible. I want to relax a day or two when I get back.

That said, expect a card posted in the next 24 to 48 hours. Also expect something like 3 weeks to promo, send in segments, work with your opponent/rivals for angles, etc.

Coming off of a PPV, I was planning a small card, with about 3 or 4 matches, but with the extended RP time, there will likely be more.

That's it for now.


Posted by SCW Admin (Admins) at May 15 2017, 02:20:59 PM. One comment


I've just completed the claims section, adding the new people. A few people didn't submit their info in the requested format. No, this isn't the end of the world, but it does make more work for me. I thought I had a pretty straightforward process, and still do believe such. That said, please adhere to the requested format for adding your claims information.

Also, in order for your claim to be accepted, you must add it to the claims thread. Simply putting it into your bio does not reserve the claim for you.

Some of you have been posting bios that differ from that which I posted as the template. Initially, I didn't mind this. Now, I'd like us all to be uniform. So, I'd like all bios to reflect the template by 7/1/2017. I believe this is ample time to do so.

Entrances. I don't mind you having lyrics in the entrance description, but PLEASE don't be obnoxious about it. If I see lots of lyrics in your entrance, I'm going to assume you've put a lot of work into that entrance, and I hope it shows such. Also, please code your entrances. Actions should be italicized, and lyrics preferably normal. Please do not bold the whole thing.

On another note with entrances, I would like everyone to take a look at their bio and update their entrance, or add one, for those who haven't. Your entrance should be written EXACTLY as your want it posted. So, it shouldn't say things like "he walks out onto the stage holding a bottle of water or some pepsi, looking at the fans." Other things to note are to not add the color of the attire, unless the attire is always the same; always black tights with a red top, etc.

We've gotten a few new signs up, and even some returning handlers, and I'm excited to see the SCW growing again.

You'll notice on this card (OD37), the matches made note of what Division people are in. Some of the matches are even Inter Divisional, meaning the opponents are from different divisions. Only in rare instances will someone be in more than one singles division at a time. For example, Paige Lewis earned the right to compete for the world title, and at the following show, won the NA title, and then went on to defend it at the PPV (Spring Meltdown 2017) in addition to winning the world title.. Strictly speaking, she is the only person in two divisions right now, namely because she is the champion of both.

Adding the division names, I think, will help people get an idea of where they are in the stands, or what level the character is at. In rare occasions, people may move up to the next division without winning their divisions championship. People may even move up after losing their championship, depending on how effective of a champion they were. What will not happen, however, is losing your belt, and then moving up, and immediately challenging the champion of that division. You will rise up through the ranks again.

I've said this in our FB group, but there is very little reason for someone to enter SCW with a quick title shot at the Alt or World titles. This isn't about "protecting champions," but rather about realism. If you've been in the fed and you see someone come in and get a world title shot off the rip, that would be very upsetting for you, who has been here for weeks/months, etc. At least, I know I'd be upset. I don't care how good you are. How long you've been doing it. How many times you've been a champion elsewhere. The only way you are jumping divisions like that is if you happen to win a number one contender match.

I think that addresses everything I wanted to talk about right now.

Tag Team Division

Posted by SCW Admin (Admins) at Apr 28 2017, 12:27:00 PM. 9 comments

Hello, All.

At Spring Meltdown, we're crowning a new World Champion. At "Summer Smash," I'd like to be crowning the Tag Team Champions. What I would need for this to happen is for 4 teams to be formed.

I'm not going to force this on anyone; if there is no demand, the tag titles will remain vacant.


Live Results Discussion

Posted by SCW Admin (Admins) at Mar 20 2017, 06:42:49 PM. One comment

Hey, y'all. (Paula Deen voice)

I'm thinking of doing live discussions during results.

This would be on the mixlr platform. Basically, we'd be talking about the show, and how things came to be, plus discuss future shows/PPV's.

If anyone is up for it, let me know.

FTWO Updates

Posted by Star (Main Admin) at Jul 5 2012, 11:37:02 AM. 0 comments

The FTWO manual has been updated with some changes to rp's, mainly limits, and such. Please take time to read so that you dont mess up. I won't accept "oh I didnt know that was in there" as an excuse.

Look Alike thread is updated....please stop by and see if we need to add, drop, or change someone for you. Give character name and look alike rep. If rep is already in use, you have to find someone else.
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