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Greg Adkins v Paul Titan; Round 1 Match
Topic Started: Mar 9 2018, 04:16:36 PM (153 Views)
SCW Admin
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Greg Adkins v Paul Titan

As the only proper match to take place in a ring, or at least start there, this match will stand out a bit. Taking place in a high school gym in Kentucky, this bout will probably attract lots of spectators. Mostly because it will take place during lunch period.

Promo Deadline: 3/27/2018
Promo Limits: 2 per character, no word limit
Voting Deadline: 3/30/2018
Promo to be posted here as a reply.
Edited by SCW Admin, Mar 9 2018, 04:20:19 PM.
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Denver, Colorado at an abandoned parking lot to an old hospital.

The newly self-minted ďGuttertrashĒ Greg Adkins sits inside a parking shelter with a few friends.

Letís be honest with ourselves for a moment here as Greg sits in an enclosed space away from the wind and smokes a crystallized form of weed extract. His name is really Gregory Livingston, son of Florence Livingston and Thomas Mills from a one night stand.

Since Thomas Mills had spent a number of years as the homeless drunk persona as Troy Adkins, Gregory decided to take on his fatherís name to be Gregory Mills and then from there he decided to become Greg Adkins when he decided to walk in his fatherís footsteps to become a homeless drunken creative genius of drugs and booze.

It being quite cold in Colorado, Greg and his friends sit around a small fire in the abandoned parking shelter. Itís a shelter where people would be able to sit and wait while being sheltered from the elements while waiting for the bus to take them to the hospital. It was where all of the staff and many of the patients parked in order to get to the hospital.

Greg takes a deep intake of smoke from the crack pipe that heís using to smoke the red crystal that is what the extraction from the weed has become. He holds the smoke in his lungs for a moment before passing the smoke to a near nubile redhead sitting next to him with a deep, passionate kiss that he enhances with a quick grope to a bared breast that either goes unnoticed or is appreciated in silence as she takes the smoke and passes it on to the next until the smoke is passed back to Greg by a blonde man next to him.

Was it mentioned that this is a group of three men and six women, not counting Greg Adkins? Yes, itís like an orgy in the make out portion of the night so far as people slowly get nubile around the fire.

Greg lays back into the waiting naked lap of the red haired girl next to him while the blonde man on the other side of him begins feeling on Gregís legs. He passes the crack pipe up to her while he gazes someone between her tits and eyes while trying to take in both.

GREG ADKINS: Gawds, you are a fucking beauty. OH!

Greg lazily casts his eyes downward to see that the lovely blonde man has exposed Gregís member and has taken it into his mouth.

GREG ADKINS: Itís good to be the mutha fuckiní champion!

It should be noted that Greg Adkins is the EWE Television champion and that the belt lays propped up in the corner of the shelter.

Hours later, the door to the shelter is opened with an armed security guard walking inside with a tazer in his hand. He motions in front of his face with a wrinkled nose.

GUARD: Gawd, this room smells like weed and ass!

He couldnít be more wrong as smoke exits the room from the dimly glowing fire in the center of the room and the intertwined naked men and women laying around it.

GUARD: I heard stories, but what the flying fuck?

Greg Adkins begins to stir, rolling a man away to get the crotch off of his face as he sits up.

GREG ADKINS: Close that door! Youíre letting all of the stank out!

The security guard blinks and quickly shuts the door behind him.

GUARD: You people canít be in here and doing this.

GREG ADKINS: What? We are just exploring each othersí bodies and smoking a weed derivative. The hospital doesnít do business anymore.

The security guard shakes his head and jerks his thumb toward the windows to the shelter where a bunch of people look inside. Some of them even use a camera to take pictures.

GUARD: The hospital might be closed, but this shelter is still on the public bus route! You people need to get dressed and leave before I call the police!

People begin to stir around Greg, finding clothes, and getting dressed before exiting the shelter to climb aboard the waiting bus. Greg is the last to leave as he also puts the fire out with a cup of water reserved for just such a thing. Itís when he picks up the championship belt that the guard takes real notice.

GUARD: Hey, you wrestle?

Greg just shrugs with a smile.

GREG ADKINS: I do. My name is Greg Adkins.

GUARD: Like the Troy Adkins that used to wrestle in a few different places?

Greg pops a cigarette into his mouth as he nods and lights it.

GREG ADKINS: That would be my father though I never met the man.

GUARD: Have you considered trying out for the Hyperion Tournament thatís being hosted by Starstruck Championship Wrestling?

Greg raises an eyebrow with a smile, blowing smoke into the air from the corner of his mouth.

GREG ADKINS: Starfucker Wrestling is hosting a tournament? I could get into that. I wonder if itís really difficult to get into this tournament.

The guard just shrugs with a chuckle.

GUARD: I donít know other than this is the third year that they are having the tournament. Theyíre usually pretty small so I donít know how many people that they turn away. I can send you the info, but I do need you to leave here so I can keep my job.

GREG ADKINS: Alright. Thatís fair. Hey, we have to go.

Greg nudges the people around him to start waking them up.

GREG ADKINS: The kind security guard says that we have to get dressed and go.

Greg stands up, laughing as the guard turn his face away from the nudity, and puts his fists to his hips.

GREG ADKINS: Hyperion Tournament. Here I come!

A high school gymnasium during lunch period. In fact, the exact gymnasium that the wrestling match will be taking place and at the exact time. The wrestling ring hasnít been set up, but it isnít time for the event quite yet.

ďGuttertrashĒ Greg Adkins walks around the gym with a smile on his face as he remembers that it wasnít very long ago that he was in a high school just like this.

The question really becomes this. How did Greg Adkins enter the school in this day and age when you have to be buzzed to be able to enter the building or use a code.

Weíre about to find out the answer to this question as the Principal of the school walks with her brow furrowed in a combination of confusion and anger in her power suit. Her name is Annabelle Price. She stops in front of Greg Adkins as a few students stop and point with giggles.

ANNABELLE PRICE: I would like to know your name, why you are here, and what child you are the parent of here. Maybe how you got in would be good too.

GREG ADKINS: I got in through the front door when another member of staff came in. My name is Greg Adkins and I am no parent...yet. Iím going to be wrestling someone named Paul Titan here in a couple of weeks right in this location.

Annabelle looks at Greg Adkins appraisingly. Whether itís to determine if she can take him, if she can fuck him, or if heís a liar is hard to tell.

ANNABELLE PRICE: There will be a professional wrestling ring in the center of the gym over there. I think I have heard of you. Do you know whom youíll be facing in the ring?

GREG ADKINS: I face Paul Titan in the ring. Not that I really know anything about the man.

Annabelle nods her head, placing a hand on his shoulder, and pointing the way toward the front door.

ANNABELLE PRICE: All well and good. Come back on the day of the event.

GREG ADKINS: Are you sure about that? Maybe you would like me to-

Greg whispers into Annabelleís ear and as he does so, her cheeks turn rosy red.

ANNABELLE PRICE: You would do that? Maybe we should make to my office instead. Yes...to my office. My sister works the library. Maybe I should call her down too.

GREG ADKINS: No handsome stallions to add to the mix?

Annabelle blinks and opens her mouth, but it takes a moment for her to speak.

ANNABELLE PRICE: None that would play with you, sadly. Shall we?

Annabelle holds out her arm to be taken, but Greg grabs her ass instead for a ďooooh!Ē as a reaction.


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SCW Admin
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Greg Adkins advances to final round!
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