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Nicky Nightmare; Biography
Topic Started: Mar 13 2018, 08:45:06 PM (62 Views)
Nicky Nightmare
Curtain Jerker
[ * ]
Nicky Nightmare

• Picture Base •
Tomohiro Ishii

• Nickname(s) •
The Hollywood Butcher, The Original Hardcore Icon

• Ring Alias(es) •
El Luchador Gran Blanco
Nick Knight
• Given Name •
Nicholas J. Knight

• Height •
• Weight •
245 lbs.

• Billed From •
Hollywood, CA

• Alignment •

• Disciplines/Styles •
Strong Style/Hardcore

• Similar To •
Taz/Samoa Joe/Ishii

• Gimmick Description •
A wrestling legend pissed off at the world

• Entrance Theme •
“Remain Violent” by Warbringer

• Entrance Description •
The ear splitting opening chords of Warbringer’s “Remain Violent” hits over the arena sound system as Nicky Nightmare tears though the curtain and onto the entrance ramp. “The Hollywood Butcher” is showered with boos from the fans he has turned his back in the past several weeks.

Dressed in black MMA style trunks with the xXx logo in blood red and blackt-shirt that reads xXx Original in white. Nicky slowly moves towards the ring. Fans on the aisles reach out to high five him, but they do not exist in Nightmare's world. Nicky is 100% focused on the battle ahead of him and never looks out from beneath the trademark towel draped over his head.

“The Original Hardcore Icon” reaches ring side and climbs onto the apron. Out of respect for the hollowed ground that his the squared circle he wipes his feet before stepping between the top and middle ropes. “The Hollywood Butcher” points to the sky in remembrance of the late Jimmy Knight before going to his corner to await the bell.

• Biography •
The illegitimate son of journeyman wrestler and promoter Jimmy Knight and a cocktail waitress. Nicky grew up in the Chicago projects raised by his crack addict mother and a series of abusive “uncles” and “new daddies.” Until finally at the age of 14 Nicky ran away from home.

Finally landing in LA, Nicky lived on the streets, squatting in empty buildings and picking pockets to buy food. That is until by a stroke of luck Nicky met semi-retired professional wrestler Jerry Foster. Foster put a roof over Nicky’s head, made sure he went to school, and most importantly taught the young man the Knight family business.

Nicky first broke into the business in Mexico as El Luchador Gran Blanco. Two years later Nicky unmasked and began a journey that would take him all over the world. “The Hollywood Butcher” would win titles in several companies before finally hanging it up over fear of CTE.

Transitioning flawlessly from the ring to the announce table Nicky became lead analyst for NBW broadcasts. Upon Adam Dudley and Hulu taking over “The Hollywood Butcher” found himself off of TV for several months only to return as Dudley’s hired gun in a feud with Chris Paradise.

Nightmare has enjoyed a resurgence in his career the past few months working both in the ring and backstage. The founding of the World Wrestling Syndicate’s Blade promotion sees Nicky returning to Japan and his strong style roots.

Having struggled with mental illness for years Nicky finally hit rock bottom. Then a call from Adam Dudley changed everything.

• Fighting Style •
Nicky draws his style from a number of places. Having grown up on the streets he is never afraid to throw hands and have a good old fashioned brawl. Years spent working in Japan and training in MMA gyms has made him an even more dangerous striker.

Classically trained in American strong style Nicky has a solid background in technical wrestling. A background that he has supplemented by training in Judo giving him improved mat wrestling technique and a repertoire of throws second to none. It is also from Judo that he takes his katahajime finisher known as the LA LA Land.

The most dangerous part of Nicky Nightmares fighting style is his willingness to bleed, and the nearly sadistic pleasure he receives from inflicting pain. A veteran of numerous hardcore and death matches he has never shied away from the use of any weapons, especially his go to barbed wire wrapped 2x4.

• Moves Set •
(These are your character's common moves and you shouldn't have more than eight per category and no less than three. This list allows match writers to write matches the way you WANT your character to be written)
1. Dirty Boxing
2. Lariat
3. Shoulder Block
4. Palm Strikes
5.Hard Headbutts

Grapple Front
1.Vertical Suplex
2.T-bone Suplex
3. Spinning Spinebuster
4.Snap Suplex
5. Wrist Clutch Exploder
6. STO
7. Belly to Belly Suplex (Overhead and Spinning)

Grapple Back
1.German Suplex
2.Dragon Suplex
3. LA LA Land Suplex
4. Belly to Back Suplex
Ground (strike attacks, ground grapples, submissions)
1. Running Knee to Seated Opponent
2. Sliding Clothesline
3. Kimura
4. Knee Bar
5. Guillotine Choke

Corner (Strike, top rope grapple etc)
1. Muay Thai Knees
2. Splash
3. Palm Strikes
4. Various Superplex/Spider Suplex Variations
5. Senton Splash from Middle Turnbuckle

1. Diving Headbutt
2. Senton Splash

Running ( Grapple, Strike etc)
1. Bulldog
2. European Uppercut
3. Boot Scrape

• Signature Moves •
Non-Dairy Creamer (Half and Half Suplex)

Welcome to Hollywood (Rainmaker)

Banned in Memphis (Piledriver)- Tribute to Jimmy Knight

• Finishing Moves •
1st Finisher
LA LA Land (Katahajime)
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