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Ellie Classic
Topic Started: Mar 16 2018, 12:18:24 AM (77 Views)
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Handler Name:: jimbiz
Contact method:Facebook

Character Name: Ellie Classic(Real name is Elizabeth Lea Francis)
Nicknames: "Doctor"
Date of Birth: April 5, 1983
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Billed From: Pacifica, California(This will be explained on promos)
Weight: 145
Personality:A conceited second generational female wrestler who claims that she is the total package when it comes to being a female wrestler. Smart, sexy, and powerful. She's also a scientist that created her own drug called "Project Zero" to improve an athlete's potential to be the best that there is (not just wrestling, I'm talking about all sports). She can be a manager or a wrestler. Either way, she's dangerous.

Style:She’s a submission/technical wrestler. She has hundred ways to make you tap and all she needs is just one). She also likes to use a mixture of speed, athleticism, power, and her kicking offense in her arsenal.

Daughter of Ex- wrestler Devlin “Sexy Monster” Francis and genetics scientist Patricia Collins, Lea Francis always admired her parents’ careers and wanted to be like them. Born in Dallas, Texas, but raised in San Francisco, Lea grew up never having friends since kids at school made fun of her for being a “tomboy” and a “nerd”. She rather be alone and studied her father’s wrestling tapes, or watching her mother talked about different types of medicine that she was analyzing. She never really cared, but she thought to herself that she doesn’t need friends and the only way for her to succeed in life is to survive on her own.

At the age of 16, she started to train at a wrestling school and trying to make a legacy of her own. By the time that she graduated from high school, she competed on her first local televised match. She made headlines all over the states of California and people started to can see the resemblances of her father when it comes to her wrestling skills and charisma. Of course she never called herself the "Sexy Monster" like her father did and she wasn't huge like him either, but she had the same kind of intimating aura like her father possessed when he was serious in the ring.

Unfortunately, her wrestling career got into a hauled when she suffered a severe knee injury during a ladder match against her rival Keri Kira for the California Hotshot Women Title. Lea Francis was forced to retired and she was heartbroken she found out about it. Thankfully, Lea had a backup plan which was her master degree in micro biology. Her mom always told her that the day that she decides that wrestling is not for her, there always a spot for her in micro biology facility. After announcing her retirement, Lea joined her mother as a genetic scientist.

While working in the micro biology microbiology laboratory, Lea introduced the idea of a new drug that enhanced the human's speed, intelligence, and strength. For a moment, Lea's mother was reluctant about this new drug, but Lea assured her that it will be completely safe and perhaps revolutionized the sports world. Lea's mother was in awe about Lea's determination and she helped fund the project. After finishing up the project, Lea needed a "test dummy". Her first patient was Project Zero (who was named after her drug) when she found him at the Rockaway Beach lying unconsciously.

Still, she had a desired to get back to the wrestling world. With her patient Project Zero, she travelled all over America to find suitable clients that she can used to manage in a wrestling fed. Hence why she formed "The Pandemic" and recruited Jon Riku and Justin Wyndham. There are other wrestlers that she recruited, but her top three clients/patients are already in the stable that she made in EPW

However, the thought of her wrestling crossed her mind. She felt that her knees were getting better each day after attending physiotherapy. She felt that the doctors that told her that her not wrestling ever again was false and they didn’t do their job right. When she approached EPW owner Michael Kennedy that she wanted to start wrestling again and make her comeback, Kennedy quickly signed her and Lea is back in the ring. She also signed a contract to CCW, using her former Indy name Ellie Classic. However, things didnt work out for her in both CCW and EPW. In fact, EPW went on bankruptcy and she hated CCW, so she asked for a release. 2013, At UHW, she won her first major championship which is the UHW Adrenaline Championship.

She went back to being a manager at both CW and APW, managing a young Australian prospect "The Antidote" Ellen Shrader. As a manager, Lea's client Ellen Shrader became the APW Sirens Champion

Entrance Theme Music: "Survival" by Muse


The instrumental beat of "Survival" by Muse blares out of the PA system as Ellie Classic comes out of the curtains. She closes her eyes and visualized her own victory in her mind, milking in the crowd reaction.

"Race, life's a race
And I'm gonna win
Yes, I'm gonna win
I'll light the fuse
And I'll never lose
And I choose to survive
(Told you, so I)"

She then opens her eyes when she hears the opening verse and spread her arms wide apart, taunting the fans to keep booing her.

"Whatever it takes
You won't pull ahead
I'll keep up the pace
And I'll give you my strength
To the whole human race
Yes, I am prepared
(You were warned and didn't listen)"

She makes her way to the ring with her arms still spread apart and ignoring the fans. As she enters the ring, she yells at the time keeper to take off her robe. The timekeeper reluctantly does it and we can now see Ellie's wrestling attire.

To stay alive
I won't forgive
Vengeance is mine
And I won't give in
Because I choose to thrive


Ellie then jumps up to the nearest turnbuckle and closes her eyes and spreading her arms wide apart again. She soaks in the reaction before she got down from the turnbuckle. She then jogs around the ring and awaits for the match to start as the song dies down.

Basic Moves: (unlimited, but please number)
1. Fallaway slam followed by a kip-up
2. Body Scissors (sometimes to victory roll pin)
3. Spinning heel kick
4. Calf kick
5. Butterfly Suplex
6. Stinger Splash
7. Spinebuster
8. Wrasslin 101 (Spinning Toe Hold)
9. Float over DDT
10. Saito Suplex
11. Northern lights Suplex
12. Diving Leg Drop
13. Lou Thesz Press plus multiplpe punches and hair pull
14. Stalling Suplex and then a kiss to the fans
15. Missile Dropkick
16. In For the Kill
17. Destiny Crushed(Full Nelson Bomb followed by Lotus Lock submission)
18. Destiny Fulfilled(Full Nelson Bomb)
19. Spear
20. Texas Cloverleaf
21. Running Dropkick to the cornered opponent
22. Superplex
23. Tarantula
24. Trish Stratus’ Turnbuckle handstand headscissors takedown
25. Feel So Numb(Inverted DDT to the knee)

Signature/Trademark: (up to 5)
Don’t Trust a Doctor (Reverse Atomic Drop plus Alabama Slam followed by a jackknife pin)
Classic Sweep (Johnny Lawrence's Leg sweep)
Overdosed (Tornado Bulldog using the aid of the turnbuckle)
Calf Branding (Ellie is sitting on the turnbuckle with her opponent’s back facing her. She grabs onto the back of her opponent's shoulders and rams him or her into the ground using her knee)
Doctor Death Bomb(Michinoku driver II)

Tap, Snap or Crap(Fujiwara armbar)
Heads Will Roll (Roundhouse kick + double under hook face buster)(adopted by her father)

Match Spots:
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