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Emilys Life is Changing; vs Alzy Hawkshaw Spring Meltdown 2018
Topic Started: Apr 16 2018, 12:16:18 AM (48 Views)
Emily Desmond
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Off Camera

Emily Desmond is sitting in her New York City apartment staring at the large glass window that overlooks Central Park. Emily knows she’s lucky to have this apartment, but then given her dad had put down the deposit, got the landlord to do some updating on paint and such (as her dad’s expense), she can’t deny that he has impeccable taste. It might be a bit easier to accept if her dad’s apartment was on the opposite side of Central Park in an apartment that makes Emily’s look like a closet. But Emily was using her hard earned money to make her apartment one that she wants to come home to. She’s snuggled up under a blanket thanks to the change in the spring weather. Right now it feels a bit more like winter. Emily is thinking about her upcoming match at Spring Meltdown, and the stipulation she had made. She knew going with a Submissions Only match might be risky but then she had learned from the best when it came to submissions, whereas Alzy has always been known for extreme and dangerous stuff. Submissions are definitely not his strong suit.

Suddenly a hand appears and hands Emily a cup of hot chocolate. She takes it and looks up gratefully as backstage reporter for SCW Sean Foster takes a seat next to her. They’ve been a couple for a couple months now, and it was something that Emily had always wondered if it was possible. Both her parents had been hesitant when she told them who she was dating, and neither were pleased it was someone that she worked with. Little did they know that Sean had been living with Emily for nearly a month now. But Emily knows she can’t let things, even things like what her parents would think if they knew Sean lived there, get in the way of focusing on the upcoming match.. She’s been training for five to six hours a day. Sean seems to pick up on Emily’s silence.

Sean: You ok? You’ve been kind of quiet since we got home.

Emily takes a sip of the hot chocolate, then looks at him.

Emily: Just…..I think I have Alzy on this one but I can’t be certain. I mean….he’s faced Cam, so he sorta knows the same things Cam does. Just ….I’m pretty sure being all extreme and everything that submissions are not high on Alzy’s list of “I can do this.”.

Sean: But…..you’re not totally sure you buy that line.

Emily shrugs a bit. Sean puts his arm around her.

Sean: Come on, spill it.

Emily: He lives right down the road from Troy, who….like the three of them all trained under the same guy. He made sure they knew stuff inside and out. Mom ….and Dad made sure I could handle myself in the ring. Cam excelled in submissions, and he made sure I could do them with my eyes closed if I had to.

Sean: So then you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

Emily: Unless Troy tells or shows Alzy everything Troy knows. Which means it would be….a pretty even playing field.

Sean: Except you have a win over Alzy.

Emily sets her hot chocolate on the table and leans back. She snuggles into Sean some before she sighs.

Emily: It wasn’t a win, it was a draw. Chris stuck his nose in where it didn’t belong….and I….I hope the tongue lashing I gave in sunk in. I…..I can’t believe he did that.

Sean: You want my opinion?

Emily: Like I can say no?

Sean laughs: Anyway Chris did what he did because you and Alzy are suppose to be a team.

Emily: Well except for introducing him as the new member of the team, we haven’t done shit AS a team. I feel like Kennedy is ducking….everyone. When was the last time the tag titles were even defended? It was way before Requiem needed to take time off. I don’t care who Kennedy got to be his partner, I swear after this show I’m going to go through the rules and raise a stink. Hell I’m surprised Jessica or Paige hasn’t done it. I’m surprised Walker hasn’t said anything. But then Alzy ….has plenty to worry about for this show as it is. I mean facing me AND Paige, he’s going to wonder what the hell he got himself into. I can’t even imagine …..

Sean: Would have made for some interesting moments at the pay per view.

Emily: Oh sure. Can you see it now. First Emily Desmond versus Alzy Hawkshaw, then Hellfire consisting of me and Alzy taking on whoever and THEN Paige versus Alzy. The guy would end up in the loony bin if all that took place. I admit, it’s part of why I haven’t pushed the whole thing about the team. I figured get THIS taken care of and then I’ll raise a stink, and I’ll make sure Alzy is on the same page with me.

Sean: In the meantime….

Emily: I need to make sure I can defeat him.

There’s a knock on the door and Emily looks at Sean.

Sean: I’m not expecting anyone, are you?

Emily gets up, annoyed given it’s nearly midnight.

Emily: Whoever it is better have a good reason for being here.

She goes to the apartment door and looks out through the peephole. She sees a couple people in dark suits. Emily isn’t sure if she should let them in. She stops and thinks, and then against her better judgment she opens the door.

Woman: Are you Emily Desmond?

Emily: Who wants to know.

Woman: My name is ….Amelia. I came to talk to you about a job opportunity.

Emily: Um…thanks but I have a job.

Amelia: I know, but this would be a job you can do in addition to wrestling.

Emily raises an eyebrow as she had said nothing about being a wrestler.

Amelia: We know who you are thanks to your father.

Emily: And what has my dad told you exactly?

Amelia: Oh he didn’t directly tell us anything. May we come in and discuss this in ….a more private setting?

Emily looks Amelia up and down and then at the man with her. Both were dressed in dark suits and despite it being midnight the man is wearing sunglasses. Emily can see a gun just inside his jacket and the hair in the back of her neck stands up. She doesn’t see a gun on Amelia immediately but Emily is willing to bet she has one as well. She hears Sean come up behind her.

Sean: Anything wrong?

Emily: Um….this is….

Amelia: We know who he is. Can he be trusted?

Emily: Please come in, before the neighbors start whining.

Amelia and the gentleman with her walk into Emily’s living room as Sean gives Emily a puzzled look. She shrugs a bit and then follows the other couple into the front room. They both stand as Emily walks to them.

Emily: Please, sit down. I have a feeling this will take awhile.

They both take seats in chairs as Emily sits on the couch again. Sean sits down next to her and grabs her hand for support.

Emily: Now you want to explain yourselves? And why you’re here this time of night?

Amelia: We had to wait until we were certain you were home. Can um…..

She looks directly at Sean.

Amelia: Can he be trusted?

Emily: Well either you trust him or he takes a walk to Starbucks and…..

Amelia nods at the man, who pulls out his wallet and hands a fifty dollar bill to Sean.

Amelia: Why don’t you go get us all coffee. I’ll have a venti caramel macchiato, same for him.

Sean holds the money as if it’s a bomb and looks at Emily.

Emily: I think you better do it. I’ll take my usual and…..don’t rush back to much ok?

Sean nods and gives Emily a kiss. He grabs his keys and jacket and disappears. Amelia waits a moment to make sure Sean is gone.

Amelia: Ok, now that we’re alone. We are part of a secret government organization, one that your father was part of for years, and in a way still is. Not to the extent he was when you were a small girl, but if we called him for something, he would most likely do it. Some of our people are not known for…..delicacies when it comes to recruiting or ordering people around. But I’m not one of those, I’m here to convince you that you need to be part of us.

Emily: Does “us” have a name?

Amelia: Let’s not worry about that right now if you don’t mind. What we do is we train you and then you work for us.

Emily: Doing what exactly?

Amelia: If we need someone…..talked to us send in special agents who make the person is …..made to understand that we are for the best of the government.

Emily gets up and walks over to the window. She looks out and shivers, sending waves up her spine. Finally she turns around.

Emily: And this won’t…..interfere with….

Amelia: Not at all.

Emily: What all would I have to do?

Amelia: We train you in….all that you need to do. Tell me, do you know how to shoot a gun?

Emily: I’ve known that since I was about….nine.

Amelia: Ah…good, we just need to fine tune you then. How good is your aim.

Emily: Fairly decent. It’s been a couple years since I’ve shot a gun. Do I have….to for whatever this job is?

Amelia shrugs and looks at the guy who actually shows signs of life and lets out a life.

Amelia: You would travel all over and make sure that…..our country isn’t under attack from those that stay out of sight.

Emily: Wait…..are you saying like as assassin?

As soon as she utters the words she realizes that her own father was known as the Assassin Chris Desmond. Could his ring name relate to what he did away from the ring? Before she can think any deeper Amelia continues.

Amelia: Right now our division is working closely with a company called CMG. They handle a great deal of weapons trade all over the world, make sure that certain cells that are plotting against the country are quieted, but I won’t lie, they are also involved in weapon sales to …well to put it simply the enemy. You know those weapons of mass destruction you hear about? Or how Syria is being bombed with weapons their own country has?

Emily: Yeah…..

Amelia: CMG is involved in that type of weapons sales. It’s not a glamorous job, that’s for certain. But it’s a very lucrative one, that between wrestling and us you would never need to worry about money again.

Emily: So you work for the government….but don’t?

Amelia: Exactly. If you have any….questions you can ask your father. He still works for CMG.

Emily stares at this woman, who has just admitted, in not so many words, she’s killed people, that she’s help plot with the government, and against it, and that…..her father lives up to his in ring title. All this is rushing through her head when she hears this.

Amelia: You can’t tell Alzy anything about us. Not unless you and your father say it’s ok. It would be extremely difficult to explain plus if my information is correct you have an upcoming match against him. We want you to focus on that and then after the shows we can go into a lot deeper detail, pay, exactly who or what you’re doing, stuff like that. You interested?

Emily stares at the woman, not sure what to think. Her mind is running to her dad and to Alzy and back to her dad and this mysterious group and…….Emily looks back out the window for a couple minutes while nothing but silence is in the room. Finally she turns around and looks at the couple who are calmly sitting there.

Emily: Why don’t you tell me a little bit more.

To Be Continued

On Camera

Emily Desmond is sitting on the couch of her New York City apartment dressed in dark green lounge pants and a light green t-shirt with her dark hair down. She has something on her mind, something that she wants to share but can’t. But she’s also thinking of her upcoming match with Alzy Hawkshaw for the title she has held for so long. She had walked into SCW and captured a title that she was proud to be champion of. Alzy wants to take that away, but it’s evident that Emily won’t have any of that.

Emily: So Alzy, here we are again, facing each other for the Alternative title. Believe me our last match definitely didn’t go the way I wanted. I didn’t want Chris to interfere, and I had even told him as much. I realize now how hard it must have been to see the tag team he had created trying to beat the living hell out of each other with a couple chairs, but have you figured out why I chose that match? Or have you just shrugged your shoulders and gone on? I chose that match because if there is any doubt of us being a team, I wanted us to get that doubt out of our systems so we can work as a fluid machine, defeating opponents so that we become the tag champions. I know you’ve tasted that gold before as well Alzy. You and your cousin Logan were HVW tag champions, and I remember watching you that night from backstage and thinking that you were a hell of a competitor, and last show you proved you still are.

But how did it feel Alzy? How did it feel to know you didn’t have a chance in the match. I realize we were both new to the match but I went to one person who knew what it was and how brutal it could be. I went to the man himself, Eric Mitchell, and asked him first off why he created it. His answer was honest, because he wanted to be able to legally defend himself in that ring. Well after our match I called him, told him how the match ended. I told him you were getting a rematch at Spring Meltdown and he was floored. Then Eric told me to look up an old friend of yours….

Emily lets out a laugh, one of “if you really buy that” sounds.

He said look up Cam Davitt. Well that wasn’t a hard thing to do as Cam trained me, and he said Cam was one of the best he knew when it came to….submissions. Eric Mitchell is HUGE to my mom, ask her sometime about him, and for him to say go to Cam. Well I did and Cam agreed with Eric and said go for submissions because YOU aren’t known for submissions. You’re known for nearly everything else. You aren’t afraid to go to the top rope, you aren’t afraid to dive through the ropes, not afraid of barbed wire on the ropes but none of that will matter in this match because you can’t look for a pin, it’s of no use. You can try to abuse my body so that I can barely move, but you go for that 3 count? You’ll be waiting awhile. Meanwhile, even if you look up what I’ve said about me doesn’t mean I don’t know more. I do know more but honestly you know….what? Like three submission holds and that’s probably being generous. I know a dozen, and a dozen more that I’m not extremely skilled at but can pull out of a hat. Yes I have my favorites, we all do, and in fact your favorite and mine are the same….a sharpshooter, and I think we’ll both be looking for it. However I could turn a sharpshooter into a half dozen other moves and you’ll find yourself tapping out and I stay the Alternative champion.

But then maybe you’ll tap out early because you have something else at Spring Meltdown. You have to also focus on Paige, and she’s on an incredible route right now, having regained the World title. See Paige almost literally tore Jessica apart, an incredible feat in its own right, but she’s looking to keep defending her title in shows in and out and you will be….well what I consider her biggest challenge, especially since regaining the title, and a win over you cements just how great a champion she is. Now before you even think it, no Paige hasn’t come to me and said “injure him as bad as you can.” I respect Paige, and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t do that because then when she beats you, it looks like a cheap win and the fans will even say so. But then you also have time to rest, catch your breath, that sort of thing before you step in the ring with her. Question is will you hold back so that you do have enough left to take on Paige or will you give our match everything you have?

Alzy I have only one match at Spring Meltdown, and that’s facing you. You, on the other hand, have two matches. Question is can you even make a good showing in both given you are trying to concentrate on both Paige and myself? You need to seriously think about what will be your game plan. I know mine. See you at Spring Meltdown, I’ll be the one walking in Alternative champion….and plans on walking out still the Alternative champion.

Camera fades to black.
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