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My TEW Game: Shimmer; May 2015
Topic Started: Jun 4 2015, 09:27:25 PM (617 Views)
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First off, I will be running the company as it's RL owner, Allison Danger. This will be a diary/fan ficition that will be updated when I have time. I will be writing the show results by hand, right here.

Here is the roster:



Allysin Kay
Candice LeRae
Cat Power
Cheerleader Melissa
Cherry Bomb
Christina Von Eerie
Courtney Rush
"Crazy" Mary Dobson
Heidi Lovelace
Hikaru Shida

Jessicka Havok
Kay Lee Ray
Kellie Skater

Kimber Lee
Leva Bates (aka NXT's Blue Pants)

Madison Eagles
Melanie Cruise
Mercedes Martinez

Mia Yim (aka TNA's Jade)
Nicole Matthews

Nikki Storm
Portia Perez
Rhia O'Reilly
Saraya Knight
Sassy Stephie

Savannah Summers
Taylor Made
Veda Scott


Shimmer Champion: Nicole Matthews
Tag Team Champions: The Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee and Cherry Bomb)

TV Show: SHIMMER Supernova
Time: Sundays, Prime Time
Network: Independent Wrestling Network (Fictional)
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The time is May 2015, and independent wrestling has surged, going off the recent popularity of ROH on Destination America. So, Shimmer owners, Dave Prazak and Allison Danger formed their own independent wrestling network, with Prazak in charge of the network and it's content. The message Danger gave Prazak was simple. Get all the smaller promotions on the channel, meaning no WWE. No TNA. No ROH. So far, four promtions have made that commitment. They are:

Shimmer (Head promotion)
Absolute Intense Wrestling
Family Wrestling Entertainment

These four promotions also make up the Independent Wrestling Alliance. But how will this reent network help the promotions? Stay tuned to find out!
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Shimmer Super Nova: Episode 1: From Carbondale, IL

Preshow Lineup:

Match 1: Rhia O'Relly vs Veda Scott

Dave Prazak: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland....This is Rhia O'Reilly!

The familair "Oh really? O'Reilly!" intro hits the PA system, transitioning into "Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys as Rhia comes out, to a round of loud boos from this Carbondale crowd. As she hits the ring, she spreads her arms, revealing her jacket, which is in Irish flag colors.

Prazak: And her opponent. From Providence, Rhode Island, she is Shimmer's queen geek...VEDA SCOTT!

As "Riot Rhythm" by Sleigh Bells hits, Veda comes out, in trademark teal, black and white gear, with her glasses on. As she skips around the ringside area, she then removes her glasses, as she hits the ring.

The bell goes off and this match is underway. Right off the bat, the two come face to face, before Rhia lands a slap to Veda's face. Veda then fires back with a really agressive lockup. She then shows furher agreesion when she nails a perfect snap suplex, taking Rhia off her game and out of the ring.[/i]

Allison Danger: What a suplex by Veda as she takes Rhia right out of her boots and out of the ring!

Dave Prazak: Indeed, Allison. But what is that going to do to the back of Rhia O'Reilly, here on the Shimmer Super Nova pre show?

As the match continues, Veda hits a side backbreaker, furhter, targetting the back of Rhia. Rhia then tries to get back up, and she does, hitting a side kick, catching Veda right in the face, taking her down. Rhia then targets the right arm, locking in a cross armbreaker. But Veda is able to make it to the ropes, going back to work on the back, with a bow and arrow. Veda grabs the head, from the bow and arrow and wrenches back on it, doing damage to both the head and back of Rhia O'Reilly. Rhis is in serious trouble here. Veda then sets up....

Allison: There it is! That's the Snapmare Driver that she calls the Veda Bomb! That has to do it! There's one...There's two...Rhia somehow kicked out at 2.9!

Dave Prazak: I have no idea how she kicked out of that! She is in serious trouble here but wait! Veda has the QED locked in. This has got to be it for Rhia, and it is!

Dave Prazak: Here is your winner, by submission, VEDA SCOTT!

Match 2: Shimmer Tag Team Championships: Made in Sin (Allysin Kay and Taylor Made) vs The Kimber Bombs (Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee)

As the bell rings, Kimber starts off with Taylor Made. Taylor then locks in a violent looking sleeper hold, attempting to end this early. Cherry Bomb tries to get in and stop it, but Allysin Kay stops her at the pass. Made in Sin then continue the double team as they both hit DDT's to Cherry Bomb, who then tags into the Kimber. With Cherry Bomb on the outside, dealing with Allysin Kay, Kimber then hits her finisher and gets the three count, retaining the gold for the Kimber Bombs.


Show Lineup:

Segment 1: New GM is Revealed.

Dave Prazak is in the ring, holding a mic. As he lifts it, he speaks, knowing who he is about to bring out as the GM.

Prazak: Earlier today, my business and broadcast partner, Allison Danger hired a new gm for Supernova, and I would like to bring her out now. Please welcome the new General Manager, Veda Scott!

Riot Rhythm hits the speakers again, as Veda comes out, this time, wearing a suit and her glasses. As she takes the mic from Prazak, she speaks.

Veda Scott: That's right. I'm in charge around here, and Shimmer is about to be infused with geek power! I have already made the matches, so let's get this show under way. Enjoy the show guys!

Match 1: LuFisto vs Cheerleader Melissa

LuFisto and Melissa went back and forth. The match ended when LuFisto hit Konechiwa Goodnight on Melissa, at 7:55, and got the pin. During the match, we saw both women hit finishers on one another. The match went back and forth, and we even saw blood, from Cheerleader Melissa, off the Konichiwa Goodnight.

Segment 2: Nicole Backstage

Backstage, the Shimmer champion, Nicole Matthews is walking, with a cocky smirk on her face. She then runs into Veda Scott, who then gets in her face, with an announcement sure to piss her off, but Veda did not care. She tells Nicole that she will defend her title in a battle royal against the entire roster in the main event, which just angers Nicole, as she storms off.

Main Event: The Gauntlet: Nicole vs The Roster for the Title

The battle royal came down to the #1 entry, Nicole Matthews, and the #12 entry, Hamada. The two fought for a good fifteen minutes, before Hamada hit the AP Cross, which enabled her to throw Nicole over the top rope, in the process. The order of entry and elimination is below:

#1 entry: Nicole Matthews- Eliminated by Hamada
#2 Entry: Allysin Kay- Eliminated by Hamada
#3 Entry: Kimber Lee. - Eliminated by Nicole Matthews
#4 Entry: Taylor Made.- Eliminated by Nicole Matthews
#5 Entry: Veda Scott- Eliminated by Cheerleader Melissa
#6 Entry: Mia Yim- Eliminated by Cheerleader Melissa
#7 Entry: Leva Bates- Eliminated by Veda Scott
#8 Entry: LuFisto- Eliminated by Nicole Matthews
#9 Entry: Rhia O'Reilly- Eliminated by Veda Scott
#10 Entry: Cherry Bomb- Eliminated by Hamada
#11 Entry: Cheerleader Melissa- Eliminated by Hamada
#12 Entry: Hamada- Won the match
#13: Christina Von Eerie- Eliminated by Nicole Matthews
#14: Athena- Elimininated by Nicole Matthews
#15: Heidi Lovelace- Eliminated by Hamada
#16: Jessicka Havok- Eliminated by Hamada
#17: Kana- Eliminated by Havok
#18: Kay Lee Ray- Eliminated by Havok
#19. Hikaru Shida- Eliminated by Havok
#20. Kellie Skater- Eliminated by Nicole Matthews
#21. Madison Eagles- Eliminated by Hamada
#22. Melanie Cruise- Eliminated by Nicole Matthews
#23. Evie- Eliminated by Melanie Cruise
#24. Portia Perez- Eliminated by Hamada
#25. Courtney Rush- Eliminated by Madison Eagles
#26. Crazy Mary Dobson- Eliminated by Madison Eagles
#27. Mercedes Martinez- Eliminated by Hamada
#28. Neveah- Eliminated by Nicole Matthews
#29. Saraya Knight- Eliminated by Nicole Matthews
#30. Candice LeRae- Eliminated by Hamada

Elimination totals:

Nicole Matthews: 9
Hamada: 8
Havok: 3
Melissa: 2
Veda: 2
Melanie: 1
Madison: 1
No one else got an elimination
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